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My name is Karl Witt and photography has been a long time hobby and passion of mine. Long ago the appreciation for what I saw in nature moved me to purchase a camera to record some of the spectacles of nature and now it is the camera that moves me to go outdoors. Nature is a great teacher of respect for the foundations of life, it is too bad that very few younger people are shown the opportunities of what they are missing by simple walks in the woods and in parks and Nature Centers.

I have had a passion for the colors and textures that flowers offer and have enjoyed the pursuit to find the many varied species of birds in my area. I hope to get more of my work to this site though my good intentions are often left for more pressing things in life. I can be found on a wonderful photography forum called Fred Miranda, all aspects of photography are shown from participants all over the world so take a look when you have time.

Thanks for your visit!